What is the Paris Popup?

A gastronomic initiative imagined by Harry Cummins and Laura Vidal while they worked at Frenchie Restaurant in Paris. The idea, born in December 2012 was inspired by one of Harry's travels to London where he attended a pop-up dinner. Back in Paris, they decided to launch a pop-up event inspired by their respective experience of Paris in the midst of the much talked-about "bistronomy movement".

Thanks to the generosity and willingness of fellow Parisian chefs/restaurant owners/friends, they were able to occupy these empty spaces on their closing days and "play restaurant", offering seasonal menus from locally sourced ingredients paired with matching wines or other interesting beverages.

Following a successful response, the two started thinking about opening a restaurant in Paris but also really wanted to travel and not be tied down.

Since January 2013, they have been travelling around the world and packed the Paris Popup with them. So far, they have been generously welcomed in Montreal, New York, California, Kyoto, Quebec City, Fez, Barcelona and London tasting, sipping, smelling and being inspired along the way.

Since September 2014, Julia Mitton, ex general director of Experimental Group (Experimental Cocktail Club, Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, etc.) has joined Harry & Laura and brings with her world-class organizational skills, a love of well-sourced product, an international expertise and the entrepreneurial spirit that fits perfectly with the duo's vision.

The creative process

The pop-ups are sometimes inspired by a wine region that Laura loves, sometimes a style of food that Harry enjoys cooking, and from there they create a tasting menu and select matching wines. The pair loves to bring the producers and the winemakers close to the clients that attend. That is why, on many occasions, they have hosted winemakers, sommeliers, or brewers so they could have that first hand interaction with the guests.

As a host restaurant, what to expect?

Paris Popup is very respectful and considerate when it comes to using others' spaces. They appreciate that you are giving them a stage to play and they want to exchange and learn from each other. As a token of appreciation, in Paris, they typically would invite the restaurant owners to dine for free as a thank you for lending them the space. This form of barter is convivial, modern and in the spirit of generosity. 

If your restaurant never closes, there are various ways to collaborate that fit with the spirit of generosity and fun.

As a guest, what to expect?

Expect to eat creative food prepared by Harry who is passionate about local sourcing and about bringing a "bistronomic" approach to the cuisine. As well, the service is meant to be professional without being stuffy. A passion for wine resounds in all the events and Laura loves exchanging and talking about your wine inclinations as well.

If you are interested in attending a Pop-up, go to the Next Popup section and get in touch with the Paris Popup via email: . The Paris Popup will make sure any allergies, intolerances or other requests are met to the best of their abilities.


The Paris Popup spirit is, by nature, open to any collaborations with chefs, sommeliers, winemakers, foragers, producers of any kind or walk of life...  These events are totally ephemereal and the possibility to create a concept for one day (or more) inspired by a feeling, music, culture or a theme is a rare freedom. The goal is to share, learn, enjoy and have a good time.

They are also open to sponsorships and to creating a Paris Popup event with your product or brand in mind. Contact Julia, Laura or Harry at theparispopup@gmail.com for more details on how they can add value to your organization.